Thighs bums and bingo wings – time-saving workout

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Fantastic news!

You may remember from a previous post (women’s training video) that I did some filming recently with Beyond the Sweat.

Filming 4

Well the first ‘Beginners’ episode is now live!  Check out the link below for a quick, effective routine to target and shape those problem areas: thighs, bum and upper arms (where those horribly-called bingo wings tend to develop).

A more advanced routine will be posted soon for those of you who are experienced gym-goers. And the advice on number of repetitions will also be tailored.

Once you’ve accrued a few weeks’ worth of training, you can start to up the weight and drop the number of repetitions, working in the range of 6-8 repetitions maximum (Tips for toning up) for more effective results.

Both routines offer an effective work-out that you can perform in just half an hour!


Let me know what you think…I welcome your comments!!

Happy training


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