The 1.5 mile run test

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How Fit am I?

Okay, so here’s the second of the two simple tests of ‘fitness’.

Remember we talked about cardiovascular fitness as being the capability to sustain prolonged exercise in the previous post and the assessment we looked at was the 12-minute run test?  Well, here’s an alternative fitness test:

The 1.5 Mile Fitness Test

As in the previous test, make sure you’re warmed-up and of course clinically clear to exercise.

What to do?
Find a running track or space that enables you to run for 1.5 miles without stopping and which enables you have distance markers. If you’re struggling to find a track or space then the treadmill might be the next best alternative. Make sure you set the machine to a 1% incline to better simulate outdoor running.
Start the watch and off you go!
You can run, jog, walk or do all three, just make sure you get to the end
Record how long it took you to complete the 1.5 mile distance.

How did you do?
Look at the table below to see how you did:

1_5 mile run_walk test

(McArdle et al. (1993).  Exercise Nutrition & Human Performance. Lea & Febiger)

Next week:

How to improve your fitness

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