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Post-Christmas Exercise Intentions…


So Christmas has passed and we’re left with the after effects… slightly rounder belly, New Year’s resolutions and full of good intentions.

What to do about it?  Join a gym?  Good idea.  Maybe you’ve joined before and you didn’t quite get in to it, maybe you’ve never been, either way it seems like a good idea.  Right?

Well, maybe it’s the wrong idea…maybe it’s the worst idea that you’ve ever had on trying to get in to shape.

Surely I shouldn’t be saying this, should I…?  Actually the gym isn’t for everyone.  Can you imagine telling your grandmother to take up kickboxing because it’ll get her fit?  How do you know if you’re not really a gym-bunny?  Well, if you’ve been before ask yourself a few simple questions:

Do you enjoy it?tape measure

Do you feel good after you’ve been?

Did you stick to the exercise programme, or did you fall off the wagon after a short while?

Did you feel as though it was a waste of money?


I’m not giving you excuses here for bailing out on a difficult exercise a programme, far from it.  I am, however, saying that if you’ve tried in vain before and haven’t succeeded then maybe you should change tack.

Now consider these questions:

  • What exercise do you enjoy doing (or least hate!)?
  • OR what activities do you enjoy (e.g. dancing, jogging, swimming..)?
  • Do you prefer to exercise alone or with other people?
  • Do you rely heavily on others to motivate you or are you good at doing this for yourself?
  • Would you prefer to be inside or outside?
  • Would short high-intensity exercise appeal more than longer duration, lower intensity exercise?


See what I’m getting at?  Forget calorie burning for a moment and think about exercise that you’ll know you’ll have a better chance of committing to.  You certainly won’t burn any calories or get fitter with an unused gym membership.  For example if you need a class environment, where you’re exercising with others and there’s an instructor there who can motivate you try spinning, boxercise, aerobics, circuits…

Bottom line, establish the exercise habit and build-up form there.  You will have a far better chance of losing weight, becoming fitter, healthier and more toned if you select an exercise type and environment that suits you.

Good luck and Happy New Year!

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