Tighten your behind! – The deadlift

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Alright Ladies, never deadlifted before?  Well I’m going to tell you how to do it and importantly why.

Yes – women can deadlift too!


The deadlift is a great all-over conditioning exercise.  Not only will it help you develop your legs and back and core, performed correctly it’ll really work your behind! Invest the time and effort to learn this exercise and I guarantee you’ll see the benefits.

The exercise basically involves pulling the weight off of the floor ending with your legs straight and your shoulders back. To keep pressure off of your spine and lower back muscles it is important to keep your back straight throughout all the exercise.

People, especially women shy away from this exercise because it involves using a long, relatively heavy bar.  Fear not! Practice this exercise, develop the correct technique and reap the benefits – seriously! This exercise it a MUST for any weekly routine.

What to do:  The bar is in front of you on the floor.  You want to start standing really close to it – feet underneath it if you can, approximately hip-width apart. Then concentrate on sitting back as you squat down as if sitting in a chair, this will encourage you to keep your back straight. Your grip should be wider than your  stance, i.e. grip the bar just on the outside of your shins..

Look up and you want to drive the weight off the floor by pushing through your heels.  Actively tense your gluteals (bum) to help you do this. Then powerfully extend your legs, hips and back together as you stand up.


(Save more pictures of me!) – Thanks to the guys at Crossfit for this excellent demo picture.


In the down position you want to aim have your thighs parallel to the floor. You should have your knees directly over your feet. Make sure your knees aren’t past your toes or behind your heels. In this position your bum should be low to the ground (as if sitting on a chair).

If you have too much weight on the bar for you to handle your back will be rounded when you try and lift.  Make sure this doesn’t happen to help prevent injury.   First time, just lift the bar to get the right technique, then load it up to get to 10-12 repetitions maximum.

Overall, this exercise is great for all over conditioning and should be practiced by women. Have a go!  Combine this with squats and you’ll have buns of steel.

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