About Dr Claire Minshull

About me? I wasn’t particularly amazing at school, just above average actually, however, I always had a passion for sport. I studied Sport Science and University and realised my academic my interest and capability. I studied for, and achieved a PhD in Exercise Sciences at University of Wales, Bangor (official title, if you’re interested…take a breath..: “Neuromuscular performance and exercise stress associated with the stabilisation of synovial joints” Phew!).


In addition to the effects of exercise on the body, I was also interested in injury and rehabilitation. During my PhD I did my clinical training under the expert tuition of a phenomenal guy at the R.J.A.H. Orthopaedic Hospital Shropshire – Sports Injury Surgeon Mr Dai Rees. I developed a 6-month anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) rehabilitation programme and I’ve maintained an active interest in injury rehabilitation (and prevention!) through my research collaborations.


I held a Senior Lectureship in Exercise Physiology & Health at Nottingham Trent University for 7 years and have just taken-up an exciting new research position in Edinburgh. I teach and supervise undergraduate and postgraduate University students, perform my own research (see publications page for examples if you’re interested – apologies for the jargon!) and review for several academic peer-reviewed journals, in this area. I’m also a personal trainer, educate healthcare professionals (physiotherapists, strength and conditioning coaches, osteopaths etc.) on these topics through CPD lectures/courses (heseminars.com) and am an avid participant in exercise!

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I like to think that my knowledge has helped me achieve. Some of my sporting accomplishments include National League Basketball; Great Britain Underwater Hockey (I know?!); Adventure Racing and; British Powerlifting Champion.

Why this site?:
Passion and annoyance basically. I’m passionate about women receiving the right information and annoyed when they don’t, which is far too often! The media has a lot to answer for – propagating unrealistic goals, inaccurate and sometimes dangerous information, which creates confusing messages about, for example, what women should do to lose weight (and do it successfully, healthily and for more than just a couple of weeks!).

I understand the unique needs and aspirations of women engaged in exercise, from those involved at a health fitness level, through to the elite athlete and that our minds and bodies are different to our male counterparts.

I created this website to provide an environment where women feel supported and can succeed in their strive to achieve their exercise, health and lifestyle goals and where academically-sound advice and genuine encouragement is provided for women in pursuit of these goals.

In time, I hope that this web environment will provide you with the opportunity to share your ideas and experiences and to keep in touch with other women.

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